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February 22, 2016

“Creating an Interactive Outlet for News and Establishing a Presence in Social Media Communities”


Iridium was looking to replace its quarterly e-newsletters with a more current and interactive means to disseminate the company’s news. A blog would offer opportunities to reach and engage with wider audiences, show thought leadership on key issues in satellite communications and highlight partner innovations through an interactive social media presence.



News needs to be publicized when it happens and the quarterly issuance of the e-newsletter was not frequent enough and the production of the e-newsletter was a lengthy and time consuming process. Iridium needed to improve upon the timeliness of which the company news stories were circulated to the public as well as elevate Iridium’s presence in the social media sphere by broadcasting company information and news across the most popular social media outlets including a company blog, Facebook and Twitter.



Iridium enlisted Rhodes Communications to comprehensively manage the Iridium blog, branded as Iridium 360. Rhodes Communications played an important role in the creation of the blog including providing input on the design, layout and available features of the blog. Once the blog went live, Rhodes took responsibility for researching and writing all appropriate stories which serve as blog content and securing images to accompany the blog posts. The blog was regularly populated (on average, three times per week) with the most current news stories from leaders within Iridium, partner announcements, Iridium success stories and topical satellite and space industry news. In addition, Rhodes Communications proactively identified and connected with leaders from partner companies and Iridium product end users to serve as guest bloggers and managed the daily posting of blog content to the site.



The new interactive blog allows Iridium to leverage opportunities to promote Iridium products and services and to drive the Iridium messaging further through the company’s ecosystem of partners. The blog invites Iridium partner companies, end users and anyone interested to engage with the company through the stories featured on the site. With the blog, Rhodes Communications has made Iridium company and partner news, events and product information directly accessible through Iridium 360. Additionally, Rhodes Communications helped to create a prominent and distinct brand presence for Iridium in the blog community and on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


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