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May 5, 2017

Presenting Technical Content in a Specialized Market

Client: Calnetix Technologies

Dates: 2014-2016


Calnetix is a high-tech engineering company based in Cerritos, California. The company develops new technologies, such as waste heat recovery, power regeneration and flywheel energy storage for industrial markets worldwide. In 2014, Calnetix partnered with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Engine Company (MHI-MME) to develop an organic rankine cycle system that converts waste heat from a ship’s engines into usable electricity.


As a technology and engineering-driven company, Calnetix had limited marketing resources and virtually no experience in the maritime industry. The company engaged with Rhodes Communications to develop and execute a PR campaign surrounding the HydroCurrent system launch and deployment in the international maritime marketplace.

Rhodes Communications was chosen primarily because of a proven track record for understanding and explaining complex technical subject matter, as well as its long background in the maritime industry.

Elements in the HydroCurrent product launch included:

  • PR master plan with strategies, tactics and timetables.
  • Product launch at SMM 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.
  • One-on-one briefings and demos with key maritime-industry journalists.
  • Press kits, backgrounders, fact sheets, video scripts, brochure copy and other materials.
  • Aggressive follow-up to optimize coverage in the press.
  • Nomination for industry technology awards.
  • Ongoing press outreach on successive phases of product development and testing.
  • White papers explaining the HydroCurrent technology and presenting ship trial results.
  • Support for a PR event in Japan to announce licensing agreement for the technology.


Calnetix was virtually unknown in the maritime industry at the beginning of the project.  Over the next three years, the ongoing PR activity created a high level of awareness and visibility for the company, culminating in a go-to-market licensing agreement with Tokyo Boeki on 2016 for product manufacturing and marketing.

Calnetix has since continued to engage with Rhodes Communications for an ongoing program of press releases, white papers and PR support activities for its other technologies, including flywheel energy storage for backup power in mission-critical applications and braking heat regeneration in metro rail systems.